Your Local Scaffolding Erectors in Wandsworth

Searching for reliable, reputable scaffolding companies in the Wandsworth area? Based in nearby Croydon, our team of scaffolding erectors are here to help. Offering a comprehensive range of scaffolding services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the locale, Croydon Scaffolding Ltd has a reputation for designing and erecting perfect structures and providing ongoing support in the form of, for example, regular scaffolding inspections.

Below, we’ve run over a few of the different ways in which you can be 100% sure the scaffolding companies you’re sounding out for work in the Wandsworth area (and by extension their scaffolding erectors) are deserving of your custom. And as we’re throwing our hat in the ring, we’ve looked to make the categories entirely objective and avoid biased interjections.

How to Identify Quality Scaffolding Companies & Scaffolding Erectors

Qualifications & Accreditations
It’s essential that when first speaking with scaffolding companies, you ask about the qualifications and accreditations their scaffolding erectors hold. Unqualified scaffolders, after all, can be a major safety risk – they run the risk of erecting unsafe structures while working on Wandsworth projects. This makes their scaffolding services a false economy; they might appear cheap, but the amount of money they could cost in property damage, legal fees or even medical expenses could be astronomical!

To ensure our Wandsworth clients have peace of mind, all our scaffolding erectors hold CITB qualifications. This also means the scaffolding services we offer are delivered to the upmost standard of workmanship, and are thus deserving of the Croydon Scaffolding name! On top of this, we go above and beyond what’s expected of many scaffolding companies by being members of both Constructionline and the Contractors Health & Safety Scheme (CHAS).

The Right Area of Expertise
Some scaffolding companies specialise solely in one area: domestic, commercial or industrial. Others offer to build traditional structures on behalf of Wandsworth clients, but lack the expertise to build a hanging scaffold, for example. So be sure to discuss your particular requirements to ascertain whether the scaffolding erectors you’re talking to are fit for the job. Ours are a versatile bunch, taking on work for all three types of client, and having the knowhow and equipment required to build all forms of scaffolding: traditional, hanging, birdcage etc.

A Competitive Quote
While this goes for all industries and not just scaffolding companies, it is still well worth a mention. If your can’t separate scaffolding erectors by their training or expertise, or their reputation, get a quote! It’s quick way to separate the wheat from the chafe. For example, at Croydon Scaffolding we place a big emphasis on keeping up to speed with going rates in the industry and remaining as competitive as we can; this goes for every one of the scaffolding services we provide in Wandsworth.

Convinced our scaffolding erectors are the team for the job? Call 020 8640 8577 today! We offer a full range of scaffolding services to meet every need.