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Autumn is rolling round, marking the change of the seasons from summer through to winter. And in winter, scaffolding erectors and scaffolding companies across the UK have a new set of seasonal challenges to consider when designing and putting up structures; the same goes for those using them. Croydon Scaffolding – the Streatham area’s first choice for all aspects of scaffolding services – has looked to highlight these particularities so both return and prospective clients can stay safe once winter is in full force.

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Staying Safe on Scaffolds in the Winter

Extra Inspections
The winter wind, rain and frost all present hazards that can lead to trips if not identified and dealt with. This is why scaffolding companies and scaffolding erectors like our own recommend carrying out more frequent inspections during bouts of bad winter weather. We can carry these out for our Streatham clients, ensuring structures meet all guidelines set out in the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Temporary Roofs
In the summer, and drier parts of spring and autumn, the need for temporary roofs can sometimes be avoided altogether. However, in the winter this is less likely due to increased rainfall and typically stronger winds. Luckily, one of the many scaffolding services we provide in the Streatham area is the installation of temporary roofs both as a standalone protection for construction sites and developments, and as an integrated element which safeguards scaffolding.

Plan Around the Weather
While it might seem a bit obvious, it pays to plan around the weather and coordinate particular tasks within a wider development during times which will be calmer. Likewise, if it’s torrential rain or snow forecast for Streatham, it might be worth delaying the project you’re on to ensure users will not be placed in undue danger.

Extra Safety Measures
Scaffolding companies and scaffolding erectors can implement elements specifically designed for winter use: non-slip boards and harnesses are both highly effective and important examples. For further advice on the particular features we can build into scaffolding services provided during the winter, give us a call!

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