Top Choice Amongst Scaffolding Companies in Reigate

While there are a number of scaffolding companies operating in the Reigate area, few are as distinguished as Croydon Scaffolding. Our highly trained scaffolding erectors provide a friendly, professional service with a strong focus on health and safety. That’s why, in this article, we’ve looked to provide some safety tips for anyone who might not have made use of scaffolding services yet.

Tips for Staying Safe on Scaffolding

First time working on scaffolding? If you’re a professional, speak with your employer to see if you can get official training and certification. It’s a win/win situation as your employer gets to invest in a more specialised, informed, and therefore more sought after work force – and you add to your list of skills which can help in future work.

As part of the scaffolding services we provide the Reigate area, our highly experienced scaffolding erectors can inspect your structure to ensure it’s in optimal working condition. If you are handling this yourself, we urge you to conduct regular inspections – especially after suspected vandalism or a bout of bad weather. After either situation, should you expect your scaffolding has shifted or something similar has occurred, call in scaffolding companies to confirm and make adjustments.

Anyone working on scaffolding as part of construction work staged around Reigate should be using the proper equipment. This includes thick and professional-grade gloves, goggles, helmets, work boots and high-visibility vests, should you be working in public or at night. You won’t catch our scaffolding erectors neglecting them, and for good reason – they can save your life!

Every scaffolding structure has a maximum load it can bear and overloading it could be fatal. Pay strict attention to this capacity, and should you need a structure to take on a heavier load (more workers, heavier materials, or to bear the weight of another structure), call in our scaffolding services providers. To eschew this advice, or use unregistered/unqualified “scaffolding companies” over our scaffolding erectors, well known through Reigate and its surrounds, could end up costing you a pretty penny…

For scaffolding services in Reigate and all surrounding locales, call us on 020 8640 8577. We’re proud to be known as the top choice amongst local scaffolding companies!