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Searching for reliable scaffolding erectors active in the Redhill area? You’ve come to the right place. Croydon Scaffolding is the top choice amongst local scaffolding companies. We provide affordable, bespoke scaffolding services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients. Should you wish to get a free quote, or simply discuss your requirements with our friendly professionals, pick up the phone and call 020 8640 8577. In the article below, we’ve looked at a handful of the essential dos and don’ts regarding working on scaffolding structures.

The Dos and Don’ts of Working on Scaffolding

Do adhere to the scaffolding’s capacity. Every structure put up by scaffolding erectors such as our own, who cover Redhill and all surrounding areas, has a strict maximum capacity. If this exceeded, you could be placing your life in danger – as well as risk the lives of others, and damage to all surrounding property.

Don’t use the wrong scaffolding for the job. It’s essential you sound out professional scaffolding companies and have a bespoke structure designed and installed for the specific purposes you require it. Many accidents in Redhill and the surrounding areas have occurred because people have used a scaffold for something it wasn’t intended for; people stretch to reach for a ledge or have to balance awkwardly, and it’s all downhill from there!

Do use all the appropriate safety gear, at all times. We ourselves take a strict approach to use of safety gear when providing scaffolding services in and around Redhill: gloves, helmets, work boots, hi-vis jackets and goggles must be used as and when appropriate. When working on the finished scaffolding, you should too! Otherwise, you risk serious injury or even a fatal fall.

Don’t goof around. Working at height is serious business; there are few subsections of the construction industry with as high injury and fatality rates. While these have been falling (no pun intended) for many years due to improved legislation and best practice, scaffolding companies like our own still hear horror stories of people playing around at height… it’s not worth the risk.

For more advice or to get a quote on the scaffolding services we provide in the Redhill area, pick up the phone and call our qualified scaffolding erectors on 020 8640 8577!