The Gold Standard Amongst Scaffolding Companies in Clapham

Due to our close proximity to Clapham, we’re constantly receiving calls from prospective clients in the area who seek reputable scaffolding companies to design and install infrastructure to support domestic, commercial or industrial projects in the area. Our scaffolding erectors love working in such a vibrant and bustling area, with its careful balance of metropolis and vibrant green life.

Our fully qualified team provides a full range of scaffolding services, from the aforementioned design and installation, to scaffolding inspections and more niche aspects of the job described on our services page. Below, we’ve run through a few of the different types of scaffolding which our scaffolding erectors most typically employ, so you can get a good idea of what each is suited to.

If you’d rather discuss your requirements with our team and get a quote, which is guaranteed to be exceptionally competitive next to other scaffolding companies in Clapham and its surrounds, feel free to skip ahead and call us directly on 020 8640 8577.

Types of Scaffolding We Erect in Clapham

Independent Scaffolding – The bread and butter, independent scaffolding is built from the ground up to bespoke plans that meet the particular needs of a project our scaffolding erectors have been called in to handle in Clapham or its surrounds. Amongst the scaffolding services we provide, it is especially economical and incredibly versatile due to this aforementioned project-by-project tailoring. Platforms are usually placed at 2m height intervals, and many stories can be incorporated to allow for easy access to multiple areas of a property/structure.

Birdcage Scaffolding – If you just need one static level to operate from, birdcage scaffolding is ideal. It offers a large working area and simple, safe access. Furthermore, you won’t require scaffolding companies / scaffolding erectors to design and erect a structure that is “over kill” and far more complex than it needs to be.

Hanging Scaffolding – Often employed for maintaining the tops of tall buildings, which would be extremely inconvenient, impossible or expensive to access via independent scaffolding. Our scaffolding erectors (and indeed other scaffolding companies) will also pull this tool from the metaphorical bag to deal with issues like uneven ground, on which building independent scaffolding would prove dangerous.

Temporary Roofs – Sometimes integrated within independent, hanging or birdcage scaffolding, and other times provided as a standalone offering amongst our wider range of scaffolding services. Temporary roofs help keep the elements away, so Clapham residents, trades and companies can work on projects safely shielded from rain and wind (which could otherwise scupper them).

Whatever scaffolding services you require, pick up the phone and call the friendly team at Croydon Scaffolding. We’re just a short drive from Clapham! Dial 020 8640 8577 today.