A Complete Array of Scaffolding Services in Brixton

If you’ve found this page, it’s probably because you’re searching for reliable scaffolding companies active in the Brixton area. The good news is you’ve found one! Croydon Scaffolding’s team of qualified and highly experienced scaffolding erectors are often putting up structures in Brixton and its surrounds – for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

So whatever scaffolding services you are in need of, we urge you to contact us on 020 8640 8577. Croydon Scaffolding is a member of numerous federations and associations including: Construction line, the Scaffolding Association, and crucially The Contractors Health & Safety Scheme. This makes us the ideal choice for Brixton residents who want scaffolding services delivered with the upmost care, yet at competitive prices you won’t find with competing local scaffolding companies.

Do I Need Scaffolding? Questions to Consider…

But first things first, are you 100% sure you need scaffolding? In most cases it’s pretty obvious, but some there have been situations our scaffolding erectors have attended to where: a) scaffolding has been somewhat of a luxury and therefore a waste of resources, and b) situations where scaffolding was initially deemed unnecessary, when it clearly turned out to be essential! So consider these questions, before instructing scaffolding companies to get going…

Do the Rules Allow for it?
…or, require it! These questions, which are joined at the hip, can both be answered via a risk assessment the likes of which all good scaffolding companies and scaffolding erectors offer with no obligation (as ours does). As a rule of thumb, consider that scaffolding is required for any Brixton development/project in which four or more people will be working at height due to requirements outlined by HSE.

How Large is the Project?
One-man jobs within a fairly limited scope are usually fine to handle with properly secured ladders. This is doubly true if the project should be completed in a short span of time: it’s definitely a case where scaffolding services would be overkill.

Will it Simplify Things?
But it’s not just the size of a job and the time that’s involved in it; you should also consider the simple question of whether scaffolding, with the easy access it offers and the platform you can work from, will simply make the job both easier to complete (and thus quicker/the standard of work higher), and safer. After all, they say you can’t put a price on safety.

So if you’re in Brixton and believe that our scaffolding erectors can either help you meet your legal obligations, or simply set up a structure that will enable smooth and safe sailing once you get going, get in contact with us for tailored advice and a free quote. We’re proud to be known as one of Brixton’s premier scaffolding companies, and offer a complete range of affordable scaffolding services.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call Croydon Scaffolding on 020 8640 8577! We proudly serve domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the Brixton area.