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Specialist Scaffolding

Specialist Scaffolding in Bromley, Croydon and the Surrounding Area

We are one of the leading scaffolding companies in Croydon, Bromley, Kingston and Sutton with experience in setting up specialist scaffolding frames for unique projects. The scaffolding erectors at Croydon Scaffolding Ltd design and assemble various platforms for distinct and out-of-the-ordinary venues. This includes providing scaffolding services for listed buildings, British Heritage sites and outdoor festivals throughout Surrey, Greater London and the South East.


Assessing Unique Venues


Scaffolding companies arrange for experts to visit properties that require specialist scaffolding services to carry out the following:


  • Measure the dimensions of the Croydon, Bromley, Kingston or Sutton property
  • Confirm the ground conditions are stable to support the capacity of people accessing the scaffolding structure
  • Factor in physical obstructions to determine the type of platforms to use
  • Carry out a comprehensive risk assessment


The findings from the visit will allow our scaffolding erectors to tailor make platforms and towers based on detailed sketches.


Types of Specialist Scaffolding Services


Listed Buildings and British Heritage Sites


Scaffolding companies are responsible for maintaining the safety of workers accessing protected properties in Croydon, Bromley, Kingston and Sutton. Platforms need to be designed in advance by scaffolding erectors to prevent any damage to the exterior. Due to the age of the building, the traditional structures may be at risk of collapse.


  • Foundations – Basements that stretch forward from the property beneath the ground can affect scaffolding towers being assembled above
  • Attachments and Ties – Connecting supported scaffolding frames to the wall of a heritage building can cause permanent damage. Bricks can be dislodged and affect the rest of the structure. Independent scaffolding ties need to be carefully secured through windows
  • Wear and TearScaffolding equipment can move and weaken over long hire periods, which is due to frequent access and extreme weather. Scaffolding erectors ensure frames are sturdy during regular inspections. We also use protective sheeting to limit wear and stains from poles meeting the wall




The team at Croydon Scaffolding Ltd manage specialist scaffolding services for outdoor festivals in and around Croydon, Bromley, Kingston, Sutton and the surrounding areas. Our scaffolding erectors construct varying degrees of complex structures and platforms for different areas of the event. This includes platforms for guests to sit and towers to support heavy sound and camera equipment.


Here are the main festival structures which scaffolding companies design:


  • Staircases and Walkways
  • Stage Areas and Entry Archways
  • Bridges for Pedestrian Use and Wheelchair Access
  • Front-of-House Platforms
  • Seating and Observation Structures
  • PA, Screens and Camera Towers
  • Lighting Towers
  • Loading Ramps


To get a free quote for scaffolding services dedicated specialist venues in Croydon, Bromley, Kingston, Sutton and the surrounding area, call 020 8640 8577.

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